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Hurricane Season: Power Protection for Your Business


Well folks hurricane season is upon us again. While we usually are not bothered by it much here in Texas, looks like Texas will be the first hit of the states this year. We advise that everyone down there gather up the pets and kids and get out of Dodge. Hurricane Harvey is barreling down upon us.

Not only do hurricanes bring large amounts of wind and rain, they also do serious damage to the electrical system in affected areas. Electricity may come and go, blackouts and brown outs are rampant until the system is eventually repaired. This is the same electrical system that your company's servers, phone system and other business equipment are connected to. Is your equipment hurricane ready?

Power protection is essential to your business equipment, to keep it protected from what mother nature can dish out, and also Bob the back hoe driver. APC has estimated that there is over 20 million single-phase APC UPS's installed worldwide, that is  lot of protection.  Like flashlight batteries, UPS's  batteries don't last forever. Don't wait until the power is out to find out your UPS batteries are no good. If the UPS does not indicate that the batteries are low, it is recommended that batteries be replaced every 3-4 years. Replacement batteries can be found at many online outlets or directly from us.

We carry a full line of battery backup and power protection systems for your telecom, datacom and security needs. Power Protection Needs

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Thursday, 30 November 2023
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