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Voice & Data Cabling Solutions

With today's increased bandwidth requirements, your voice and data cabling systems need to be top notch. CompTel provides each of our clients with a strategic approach to a broad range of cabling infrastructure solutions, including Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 6 and fiber, to meet their needs for years to come.

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Professional Installations

Our data cabling is installed in accordance with TIA/ISO standards and is guaranteed against installation defects for the life of the product and we will test our work before we leave the job.  CompTel provides the foundation for your network, data and voice traffic and can be trusted to carry your business processes through to the end.

Trained Installers

Our trained installers can troubleshoot existing cabling, identifing problems and correcting them giving you peace of mind. Let our experience be your guide in determining which cabling system is right for you.

Our Expertise at Your Service

Whether you are adding one work station or installing a complete network cabling system, CompTel has the expertise to support your network and data cabling requirements. If you are looking for a trouble-free data cabling infrastructure, CompTel provides just that.

Cabling Products and Services

  • Copper Cable (Cat 3, Cat 5 & Cat 6)
  • Fiber Optic Cable (Single Mode & Multimode) 
  • Coaxial Cable Installations (RG6 & RG59)
  • Wireless Networking
  • Horizontal Cable Systems
  • Backbone Cable Systems
  • Telecommunication Rooms
  • Data Center Build-Outs
  • Relay Rack & Cabinet Installations
  • Cable Trays & Ladder Racks
  • Cable Management Systems
  • Moves, Adds and Changes in Cabling
  • Service Calls
  • New Construction
  • Cable Removal
  • Outdoor Plant
  • Industry Standards
  • Project Management & Consultation

Category 3 Cable (Cat 3)

Originally utilized for 10Mbps network cabling, now commonly used for voice applications. Ultimatly replaced by Cat 5 cable for higher bandwidth requirements.

Category 5 Cable (Cat 5)

Commonly referred to as Cat 5, this cabling is utilized for 100Mbps or higher bandwidth. This cable standard is capable of handling today's demands for high speed data access and VoIP (Voice over IP) applications. Cat 5 cabling is the most installed cable to date.

Category 6 Cable (Cat 6)

Developed for Gigabit Ethernet. This cable can handle bandwidth in excess of 1000Mbps. More costly than Cat 5, however better management of crosstalk and system noise.

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Give us a call, one of our team members will be glad to help. 972-980-1012

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