Call Center Applications

Call Center Applications help businesses meet and exceed the service level expectations of their customers, while driving employee productivity and controlling operational costs. Whether you have a large, virtual contact center with multiple sites, or are simply looking for a more efficient way of sharing calls amongst a team, Mitel has the solutions you need to manage and grow your business. The Mitel Customer Interaction Solutions portfolio consists of:

Multichannel Call Center Solutions

Meet customers with interactions where and how they want

  • Flexible Customer Experience
  • Seamless Agent Experience
  • Management Insight and Resource Planning
  • Simplified IT Management

Outbound Call Center Solutions

Engage customers proactively and boost agent efficiency

  • Enhanced Customer Service Delivery
  • Intelligent Lead Management
  • Actionable Insights and Reporting
  • Painless IT Management

Inbound Call Center Solutions

Start solid and leave room to grow

  • Tools for Optimizing the Customer Experience
  • Lower TCO from a Comprehensive Solution
  • Future-Ready for Investment Protection
  • Resiliency and High Availability

Workforce and Recording Management Solutions

Operational efficiency meets quality monitoring

  • Accurately plan and manage call volumes
  • Forecast based on channel types
  • Produce employee schedules in minutes
  • Automatically track employee preferences, skills and availability
  • Increase agent engagement with gamification
  • Reduce cost and improve operational efficiency