Campaign Management Systems

Today’s contact center environments require the utmost in agent efficiency, particularly when it comes to unsuccessful call attempts. To increase your potential, CompTel offers contact center solutions including both predictive and progressive dialers to fit your business requirements. Progressive dialers send the potential contact’s information to the agent’s desktop and then automatically dial the number for that agent until it gets a valid contact. Predictive dialers automate outbound dialing and screen out answering machines and busy signals. Once a live contact is made, the call is put through to an available agent.

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Appointment Reminder
A full-featured, fully customizable, and complete telephone messaging solution
Automated outbound dialing and messaging

  • Text to speech/voice recorded
  • Multi-language support
  • Capture customer responses
  • Complete reporting
  • Supports simultaneous multiple campaigns
  • Provides email reminders

Xarios Dialer is a telemarketing dialer designed to provide a complete solution for outbound power dialing. This progressive dialer software program is specifically written for the Mitel Axxess® converged communications platform and does not require its own dedicated trunks or hardware. Used with digital display phones for agents, Xarios Dialer connects to the server via System OAI and auto dials for agents from a pre-loaded campaign database. The Xarios Dialer is considered a progressive dialer because calls are made sequentially and agents hear the call ring out before the called party answers.

TeleDirect International offers Liberation®, a comprehensive and integrated business-to-consumer (B2C) customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps companies increase their revenues and develop their workforce. Liberation also enables contact centers to create and manage virtually any type of customer contact, including sales, retention, service, loyalty, research, fulfillment, and collections. TeleDirect’s patented algorithms deliver the best contact rate in the industry. Liberation’s predictive dialer increases customer contact rates and thus maximizes agent talk time and productivity.