Comdial FX Phone System

Comdial LogoThe sophisticated FX II system from Comdial provides all the traditional features you expect in a premium phone system, while also offering advanced applications such as IP telephony. The FX II has all the power and features you need, whether you have a medium-size office or a global communications network.

To meet the communication challenges of business today, choose the FX II phone system and you'll benefit from:

  • Easy integration of branch offices and telecommuters
  • Expansion options for any size office
  • Fully integrated IP support

Prices your Business Can Afford

The FX II business phone system affordably meets the needs of offices with 10 to 400 employees. It unites a full range of real-time call control, sophisticated messaging, and optional unified communications capabilities into one powerful telecommunications platform.

Networking for Branch Offices and Telecommuters

The FX system functions as a stand-alone system or as part of a network of FX II cabinets. You can network several FX II systems to handle multi-site installations and branch offices, as well as telecommuters. With IP telephony support, networked FX II offices can inexpensively route calls over the Internet or company intranet. This helps businesses affordably add new locations and cut costs by sharing a common voicemail and phone lines, all while drastically reducing the monthly cost of long distance.

Expansion Options

Buy your FX II system with confidence, knowing that you can expand later without expensive upgrades. Grow from 24 to 560 ports with no loss of common control equipment or cabinet hardware. You can network up to 11 FX II systems, using either VoIP WAN links or ISDN PRI protocol, to support up to 4,000 telephones. Plus, you'll enjoy feature transparency and uniform dialing throughout your entire network. If you use IP telephones, FX II networks can support businesses with more than 1,400 telephones!

Integrated IP - Same bus for IP, analog, and digital phones

Unlike most competitors, the FX II system supports standard analog and digital circuit switched telephones, as well as the iPrimo IP™ telephone all on the same bus. The fully integrated solution for IP telephony means you aren't forced to purchase separate gateway hardware to implement Voice over IP (VoIP). With your IP network in place, remote users can access the very same features available to your central office employees. The IP technology is invisible to users - they just dial and the system takes care of the rest.

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