Programming for Mitel Products

Common programming requests for Mitel systems including the 5000 HX, SX-200 and the MCD.

Mitel MiVoice Office

Set Time and Date

  • While telephone is idle, enter "9800". Display shows "DATE:"
  • Enter Date: MM:DD:YY. If the date is correct, press "#" to skip this entry
  • The display will show "TIME". Enter the time in 12-hour format
  • The display will show: "Press 1 for AM, press 2 for PM." Select one
  • Press "#" to exit.

Toggle Night Mode

The Night mode feature is a toggle, performing one of the steps below will activate Night mode or deactivate Night mode.
  • While telephone is idle, press the "Night" key. The key will be illuminated
  • If you do not have a "Night" key, while telephone is idle, dial "9860"
  • The message on the display will confirm that Night Mode is On/Off

System Alarms

  • If a system alarm appears on the display, write down the number. Alert your system vendor and inform them of the code
  • To clear the alarm and return the display to normal view, while the phone is idle dial "9850" on standard LCD sets

Programming System Speed Dial Numbers

If you make a mistake, press MUTE to backspace or * to cancel the entry and start over.

  • While the phone is idle, dial "9801"
  • Enter the Speed storage location number (000-999)
  • Enter the name for the Speed Dial number using the alpha characters on the dial pad
  • Press "#" to save the name
  • Enter the telephone number (up to 32 digits) to be stored

To include a "*","#", pause, or hook flash in the number, press "SPCL": once for "*", twice for "#", three times for hook flash, and four times for a pause.

Forwarding Phantoms to Outside Numbers

This operation can be performed from any phone attached to the Mitel system.

  • While the phone is idle, dial 359
  • Enter the extension number of the phantom station to program
  • Enter the password followed by the # sign. The password will be the same as the extension number
  • Dial 355 to forward the phantom>
  • Dial 8 followed by the phone number and press #