MiContact Center Office

MiContact Center Office (formerly Customer Service Manager) enables basic contact centers or workgroups to simply and efficiently monitor, manage, and route calls – all toward the goal of delivering superior customer service, and optimizing contact center operations. It provides real-time business intelligence, including call performance and agent activity reporting, as well as productivity tools for agents and supervisors, including screen pop and PIM integration.

Reporter Pro

Reporter Pro equips your managers with reporting tools that clearly provide the information they need in order to understand what is happening with the calls your business receives and the agents who handle them. It delivers both a historic and real-time view of what is happening in your contact center. Cradle-to-grave reporting is available on every call, but report templates can be customized to display only the information needed over a specific date range. Historic reports can help you identify data such as call costs, trunk usage, and traffic patterns, while real-time reports display real-time call traffic, including contact information for the customer and agent on the call. Reporter Pro is designed to make the monitoring of agents automatic through Do Not Disturb (DND) reporting and by highlighting exceptions to the norm, rather than requiring a manger to constantly check all agents. An optional Auto Reporter feature provides advanced scheduling and publishing of reports, real-time statistics, and alarms.


RealViewer brings real-time business performance to the individual user’s or team leader’s desktop for optimum operational efficiency. Multiple tiles can be built to display selected statistical information globally or across groups and individuals. There are over 200 different statistics to choose from, each of which can be individually filtered.

Intelligent Router

Intelligent Router is an optional module that enables you to create a very flexible set of call routing rules, beyond hunt group and longest idle agent routing. Rules are created with a powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI) and can be applied to both internal and external calls. Examples include:

  • Historical call routing where calls and emails from identified parties are automatically routed back to the last agent the person was in contact with
  • Look Ahead Routing where calls are routed based upon real-time and historical key performance statistics
  • Skill Set Routing where calls are routed to the most appropriate agent based on information contained about the caller in the Personal Information Management (PIM) database

Media Blending

The Media Blending Module enables you to route email and other media (where suitable gateways are available to convert them to email) to agents in the same manner that voice calls are distributed. Email addresses are mapped to hunt groups and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) agents, allowing the Media Blending Module to know which ACD agents’ email can be routed to. Reporter Pro provides complete historical and real-time reporting on email activity.