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Whether cloud based or on-premise, choosing a business telephone system that is right for your business can be a daunting task. Our line of business phone systems and unified communications platforms address both small businesses and large enterprises, providing extensive telephony features, robust call control, and support for a wide range of desktop and mobile devices and innovative applications.

Hassle Free Business Telephone System

Hassle Free Business Telephone System

Versatile Auto-Attendant - Help your customers get to the right person quickly with flexible menu selection and routing.

Web-Based Administration Panel - Add users or make system changes on the fly from anywhere. There's no need to be a telecom expert or to divert IT resources from more strategic tasks.

Easy Reporting - Access call records and history to ensure optimal staffing and review employee performance. Get a visual representation of queue status to ensure excellent service.


Multiple Locations and Mobile Workers

Support teleworkers and remote offices

Enabling workers with BYOD

Locate and access remote employees 

Connect remote employees with audio and web services

Multiple Locations and Mobile Workers
Multiple Locations and Mobile Workers

Collaboration and Call Management

Drag and Drop Call Handling - Quickly and easily put a call on hold or transfer calls to any extension or voicemail box with the click of a mouse.

Built-in Presence and Chat - Easily view other members on your team. See who is on the phone or may be available for a quick chat using presence and IM capabilities.

Personalized Call Routing - With Find Me/Follow Me (twinning), you'll never miss an important call. Set your own rules to ring multiple devices or external numbers simultaneously, and create privileged rules for VIP callers.

Click-to-Dial - A browser-based plug-in for web browsers that turns phone numbers on a webpage into hyperlinks that when clicked on, dials that phone number on your desktop telephone.


Premium Features

Unified Communications

Connecting employees anytime or anywhere. Weather your employees are in the same office or scattered around the globe, Unified Communications connects them seamlessly on any device.

Mobile Apps

With mobile apps your business telephone system travels with you.  Stay connected to co-workers and clients while on the go.

CRM Integrations

CRM integration with you business telephone system provides employees with detailed customer information so they can make quick, intelligent business decisions to resolve issues and provide efficient service.

Call Recording

Call recording empowers your busniess with powerful real-time and historical perspective on the conversations occurring within your business.

Audio Conferencing