InGenius Connector Enterprise

InGenius Connector Enterprise

InGenius Connector Enterprise seamlessly integrates with CRM solutions to provide users with greater functionality, improved efficiency and advanced customer relations. Whether you are looking for an out-of-the-box solution or a customized solution, InGenius Connector offers a variety of options to suit your needs. Integrations include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and most TAPI enabled CRM software.

Simple User Interface

InGenius Connector Enterprise has unique Cloud and Console UIs that were designed to fit beautifully within your Salesforce interface giving call center agents an unobstructed view of their customer’s information and intuitive call control directly within Salesforce. Call center agents can intelligently manage outbound and inbound calls to improve customer satisfaction and increase efficiency. With its robust call and agent functionality and direct integration into the Salesforce UI, InGenius Connector Enterprise helps to promote end user adoption and eliminate the need for any additional desktop agent software. Change agents states, answer calls, take notes and transfer a call to a colleague; call center agents can now live completely inside of Salesforce.

Integrate Business Processes

InGenius Connector Enterprise includes specific technology to enable easy business integration into those areas of your telephony system, Salesforce org or business process that are unique. Whether it’s custom objects inside of Salesforce or complex dialing capabilities from your global call center, InGenius Connector Enterprise was specifically designed to address these and other business process scenarios out-of-the-box. InGenius Connector Enterprise can easily tie into your business process to help you achieve your organization’s objectives.

Easy To Manage

InGenius Connector Enterprise provides an administrator user interface that easily allows Salesforce Admins or Call Center Managers to update and manage call center agents settings in real time! Set speed dials, call log templates or enable users all through an easy to use web admin tool. Since there is no need to start and stop any services or upload and download any information, you save time and eliminate the need to consume precious IT resources.

Capture Every Call

Say goodbye to manually logging your calls! InGenius Connector Enterprise will automatically capture your inbound and outbound calls along with the associated record, your notes and wrap-up saying how the call ended. With click-to-dial, incoming call screen-pop based on caller ID or IVR related data, InGenius Connector Enterprise presents you with all the customer data you need to support your call.