Inter-Tel Business Telephone Systems

The Axxess is a flexible, scalable, integrated communications system that meets all the challenges you face in building your business. Axxess provides tightly integrated voice processing technology, IP telephony functionality and transparent networking throughout your organization - from fewer than 32 communications devices up to 40,000 in up to 63 different locations.

With the Axxess, you will have performance, dependability and seamless expansion capabilities. Plus, you will have the ability to adapt to the newest technology without interrupting your growing business - allowing you to protect your investment. Inter-Tel's Axxess software-based, open-architecture communications converged solution maximizes your competitive advantage-now and in the future. We design our systems so that yesterday's phones work on our current platform as well as tomorrow's. Axxess also supports the Executone IDS platform, allowing a smooth migration to the latest Inter-Tel communication technology without replacing all of the phones you originally purchased.

Software release version 8.0 of the Axxess communications platform by Inter-Tel brought together all the features and functionality of the of the earlier versions of the Axxess and Eclipse products. All Inter-Tel digital telephone instruments can be used on the same platform - including the new "8000 Series" telephone instruments. Now, with the release of version 9.0 the product greatly expands the flexibilities of IP connectivity and the sophisticated use of virtual stations.

The definitive end of the Axxess will be on May 30, 2014. After 23 years, Mitel has announced that they will no longer be providing active support for customers and Mitel partners for the Axxess system.