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McDowell Label

No doubt you have seen a McDowell label on a product in your local grocery store or even your home.  McDowell Label, recognized as one of the highest quality label and packaging printers in the world, provides the most superior label decorating solutions in the marketplace.  Looking for a new communications system to better connect their employees and customers became a top priority.  They had two requirements; integration with their in-house ERP system and to make their employees more accessible no matter where they are.

After several consultation sessions with McDowell executives and IT personnel, CompTel developed a solution to meet the requirements.  The Mitel 5000 solution provides the backbone for integration with McDowell’s ERP software and mobility and unified communications solutions.

Integration with the 5000 and the ERP software will be accomplished using API’s available from Mitel and the ERP developer.  Utilizing these API’s will allow McDowell to integrate call information with their CRM to provide detailed information on who is calling, when they last called and who they spoke with. With this information available to the CSR’s before the call is answered, data entry errors and talk time will be greatly reduced.

With Mitels virtual solution, Unified Communicator Advanced (vUCA), installed on desktops, iPhones, and Android devices, team members are always connected to their customers no matter where they are.  With Mitel Dynamic Extension, McDowell team members can add any external number, such as a cell phone, to a ring group on the company network, defining how to route calls based on their status.  Team members can give preferential treatment to certain callers, and can use any phone to make and receive calls as though they were at their desk.

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