Mitel Phone Manager

Mitel Phone Manager

Mitel Phone Manager (formerly Xarios Phone Manager) is a fully featured desktop client designed to improve the user's interaction with their telephone. With built-in CRM integrations, including Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics and Netsuite, Phone Manager provides call control, click to dial and screen pop integration. For custom solutions the Phone Manager's .NET and ActiveX API can provide solutions for any business.

Mobility with Productivity

This provides power users with the freedom to operate their laptop with a data connection from anywhere as a highly featured Mitel extension as if they were sat at their office desk. When back at the office the user can quickly and easily switch back to using Phone Manager with a desk phone.

Seamless Look and Feel

The Mitel Phone Manager software functions exactly the same way whether in Softphone mode or Desk Phone mode reducing training requirements for the user. The Contacts view displays the status of your colleagues and you can Search or Dial from multiple directories in one place. Dedicated Softphone users can therefore operate as efficiently as desk phone users.

Soft Keys

Each Mitel Phone Manager license comes with the integrated toolbar providing the user with five programmable keys to improve productivity. These keys can be configured to invoke telephony or PC Screen pop actions at the touch of a button.