Power Protection and UPS Backup

power protection and ups battery backup

Your business can’t afford downtime, and your mission-critical applications and sensitive equipment require protection from damaging voltages, surges and transients. Comptel's Quality-First designated vendors offer solutions for telecom, datacom and security applications, including uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), surge suppressors and power conditioners.

Alpha® Technologies offers a complete line of AC powering products and solutions from basic Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) systems to sophisticated microprocessor-controlled units. Their UPS systems combine power conditioning and battery backup. The result is cost-effective critical power protection.

APC® has the technology to ensure maximum system availability and uptime. Their product line includes a full range of surge protectors, as well as UPS power backup systems with built-in power conditioning.

DITEK offers surge protection solutions for any application. DITEK is the leading manufacturer of low-voltage surge suppression for system-specific applications including voice and data communication lines, AC power (with specific products designed for PBX/KSUs with chassis ground requirements), and paging and intercom systems.

EDCO is a recognized leader in surge protection design, development and manufacturing. A wide range of data/voice line surge protection and AC surge protection products is available.

ITW® Linx® has been manufacturing products for the telecommunications market for over 20 years and offers a number of protection products for telecom and datacom including the CAT5e and CAT6 protection families.

MINUTEMAN® is a leading provider of UPS systems for telephones, computers, and data communication devices. UPS products are available from 300VA to 10KVA, providing you with the most efficiently engineered solutions for each technology or runtime requirement.

Powerware® offers solutions for protecting valuable data and equipment from power problems. Powerware offers a full line of UPS and power management software.

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