NuPoint Unified Messaging 6.0

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Mitel has announced the General Availability of NuPoint Unified Messaging, Release 6.0. This announcement provides new information about enhancements and changes to the Mitel NuPoint Unified Messaging™ (UM) product that will be delivered in this release of NuPoint, and included in MAS 5.0.

NuPoint UM is Mitel’s premium messaging solution. It can be integrated with multiple PBXs to provide voice messaging, as well as Unified Messaging.

  • Voice Messaging provides voice and fax messaging functionality with access to messages using Telephone User Interface (TUI), through email (SMTP) forwarding of messages, or from Web View, the web browser interface.
  • Standard UM provides voice mail and fax access from virtually any email client including those on hosted email services. Standard UM provides ultimate flexibility in delivering voice messages to email and includes key features such as the ability to turn the MWI off on the user’s telephone when a voice message has been accessed from the email client. 
  • Advanced UM provides full synchronization between a user’s email server and the NuPoint UM system. Each voice message has a matching email. When one is deleted, the other is also automatically deleted.

Regardless of the type of messaging deployed, NuPoint UM can also provide optional functionality such as Mitel Speech Auto-Attendant, a speech-recognition application. 

With NuPoint UM 6.0, NuPoint UM will be offered in the following standalone product configurations.

  • NuPoint UM 60 – Software-only solution that can be installed on entry-level or mid-range Mitel Standard Linux (MSL)-qualified hardware platforms. This offering enables Mitel customers to source servers from their preferred vendor, and choose a level of server hardware and warranty that meets their requirements. This product replaces the NuPoint Standard Edition of previous releases and can grow to 60 ports. Please refer to the MSL Qualified Hardware List for MSL 10.0 for a list of supported servers.
  • NuPoint UM 120 – This product is identical to NuPoint UM 60 except that it can scale up to120 ports. It replaces the NuPoint UM Single Server (also known as “640E”) of previous releases. Please refer to the MSL Qualified Hardware List for MSL 10.0 for a list of supported servers.
  • Virtual NuPoint UM – NuPoint as a virtual appliance that can be installed in a VMware® environment. In this release, Virtual NuPoint is enhanced to support the customer’s choice of two resource profiles: 60 or 120 ports.
NuPoint UM Release 6.0 will deliver the following enhancements:
  • NuPoint as a software product with choice of MSL qualified servers
  • Hosted email integration
    • Standard UM integrations to hosted email services such as Google, Office 365, Hosted Exchange and Zimbra
    • Advanced UM integration with Google Mail
  • Secure media downloading over HTTP secure
  • Flexible CLI delivery
  • Speech navigation
  • Functionally Partitioned System Administration (FPSA) through web console
    • Multiple admin log-in capability with different permissions
  • Audit trails
  • G.729
  • Outlook 2010 Client Plug-in (OCP) with “meet-me”
  • Updated prompts in North American English
  • Operating system and browser updates
  • vNuPoint enhancements
    • Support for up to 120 ports
    • 3rd party PBX support through PIMG/TIMG
    • Two resource profiles (60 and 120 ports)
    • vSphere 5.1, SRM 5.1, VSA
  • NuPoint Advanced UM configuration through MAS USP.
  • NuPoint UM 640 Migration – Please refer to PA20120303 for details
  • Business Impact Level 3 (IL3) compliance

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