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Mitel is a global provider of business communications and collaboration software and services. Their Freedom architecture provides the flexibility and simplicity organisations need to support today’s dynamic work environment. And through a single cloud-ready software stream, Mitel delivers a powerful suite of advanced communications and collaboration capabilities that extends the “in-office” experience anywhere, on any device, and offers a choice of commercial options to fit specific business needs.

Their solutions are highly scalable, secure, easily managed, and optimised to meet the evolving communications needs of our customers. They’re also at the forefront of the most recent evolution in the business communications market; Unified Communications and Collaboration.

Their portfolio of products are designed to easily integrate with a wide variety of existing systems and business processes, including virtualisation, allowing businesses the freedom to evolve as their need dictates. Their comprehensive communication solutions can be tailored to individual needs and are simple to implement, manage and use.

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