Allegiance Capital - Mitel MiVoice Office and Salesforce Integration

Today’s economic environment has dramatically increased the many challenges facing today’s successful businesses.  Only with the best products, the best customer service, and the best business support technologies, can today’s companies hope to survive and prosper.  Being aware of these challenges, it was imperative that Allegiance Capital find a way to significantly improve communications with their valued customers and new sales prospects.  Allegiance elected to investigate an approach known as Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software that could provide the sophisticated “hi-tech” capabilities needed to step up to the highest levels of customer service interaction and support.

Allegiance contacted CompTel Communications to evaluate their communications environment and to help them select the best solution.  The selected CRM product was, which could be fully integrated with Allegiance’s Mitel MiVoice Office (formerly Mitel 5000) Communications System.  Using the integration interface software Unified Communicator Express for provided and installed by CompTel, an Allegiance representative can now fully schedule, track and manage customer communications utilizing the web-based application to fully interact with the company’s communication system. can now be used to select and dial all desired phone numbers, and automatically keep track of customer and sales prospect calls and results.  No more misdialed numbers, with less time and effort consumed by the customer representative.

The Result: Allegiance was able to achieve the desired improvements in communicating with their customers and sales prospects, with significantly better process control, and at a lower overall cost.

As stated by David Lonsdale, President and Managing Director of Allegiance, “I have been very impressed with the level of service our company has received from CompTel Communications, especially their dedication to support any issue we have no matter how large or small.  I have complete faith and trust that they will do a great job no matter what issues arise.  I would highly recommend them to anyone and am grateful for their tremendous customer service.”

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