Unified Communicator Express

Mitel Unified Communicator Express (UC Express)  is a lightweight, server-less unified communications client that provides productivity enhancements like click-to-dial, incoming caller ID pop-up, PC-based missed calls and speed calls list, and personal (Microsoft® Outlook®) directory integration.

UC Express provides an innovative telephony toolbar GUI that allows users to manage the functionality of their Mitel IP Phone with speed and ease – directly from the Microsoft Windows® taskbar on their PC desktop.

UC Express is supported on Mitel Communications Director (MCD) or Mitel 5000 Communications Platform (CP). And now, UC Express is available free for every user!

Product Key Features:

  • Simple to Use - UC Express provides an innovative telephony toolbar GUI that allows users to manage the functionality of their Mitel IP Phone or softphone with speed and ease – directly from the Windows taskbar on their PC desktop. With features such as click-to-dial, caller line ID pop-up, and single-click conference / transfer, UC Express simplifies routine communications and helps users maximize their operational efficiency. UC Express can be deployed both as a desk phone companion, and as a softphone, so users who require both capabilities can move seamlessly between environments without any additional training.
  • Flexible Deployment Options - UC Express offers a wide range of flexible deployment options increasing the target market for UC Express. Designed for easy configuration and installation, UC Express provides IT personnel with a number of implementation options – from simple end-user downloads to larger-scale pull or pushed-based mass deployment. UC Express release 3.0 also adds support for thin client environments that include Microsoft Windows Server® 2008 SP2 Terminal Service environment and Sun Ray™ (Sun Ray 2 client).
  • Flexibility for Mobile and Remote Workers - UC Express Softphone improves the effectiveness and productivity of mobile and remote workers, enabling them to become more accessible to customers, management and their co-workers regardless of location. Road warriors and teleworkers can enjoy the same intuitive communications management from a remote PC or laptop using the UC Express Softphone. When remotely connected to the MCD via a secure network connection, mobile users can make and receive calls as though they were inside the corporate network.
  • Enhanced Integration and Increased Productivity - UC Express provides out-of-the-box integration with Outlook, including search-and-dial Outlook contacts from the telephony toolbar, auto open a contact record based on incoming caller line ID, and creating a new Outlook task from an incoming call. By tightly integrating with Outlook, UC Express ensures that businesses maximize the ROI of their existing IT investments as they deploy UC solutions. Building on the integration with Outlook, UC Express allows users to access, search and dial corporate contacts from Microsoft Active Directory® or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directories. Additionally, users can perform a Windows desktop search to locate documents, e-mails, and corresponding records based on the incoming caller ID – either automatically or at the click of a button. By integrating widely-used applications with a single access point for all communications needs, UC Express helps drive productivity improvements, while enhancing responsiveness to customers, suppliers and partners.
  • Low Cost of Ownership - UC Express is designed to allow small- and medium-sized businesses to take advantage of unified communication solutions without the need for an applications server, thereby simplifying implementation and maintenance, while reducing the overall solution cost. With UC Express or UC Express Softphone, users can leverage the built-in applications interface of their Mitel IP phone or softphone to interoperate with productivity tools such as Outlook. This maximizes their investment in Mitel and helps transform their business processes to create a more efficient work environment.

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