Why Choose CompTel

SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT - Whether you have services with one carrier or ten, CompTel is your single point of contact for everything telecom. From Voice & Data services to phone systems to network cabling, one call does it all.

YOUR ADVOCATES - We work independently of the carriers. We work for you, not any carrier. We are here as your advocate and recommend what's best for your business. We work with over 40 different carriers and are not limited to one product set. This means we can find the best service for your needs rather than sell you only what one particular carrier offers.

HONESTY & INTEGRITY - Since we don't work for any of the carriers, you get an honest assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. With years of experience in the industry and our networking, we know the trends and what to watch for.

NO QUOTAS - We do not have any individual or carrier quotas. Our top priority is always our customers. We are not forced to keep chasing down new sales leads to satisfy any agreements.

(Carrier Direct Reps and some other agents often have to meet sales quotas, so after the contract is signed, how much assistance will they be to you?)

COMPLEMENTARY SERVICES - Our carrier management and support services are provided at no cost to you. We engage the correct resources from project management for the install to Move, Add or Change requests. Whether you have questions on an invoice, or need to add a line, or close down services at a site, we are here as your specialist to get it done.

BEST VALUE GUARANTEE - You won't find a better deal going directly to our vendors or by going to another broker who sells these same vendors. We use our volume and experience to get you the best possible pricing.

VOICE FAILSAFE - We provide our voice customers with a failsafe option. If your phone service is down we provide an additional service that allows us to forward your calls to multiple cell phones and/or other numbers simultaneously instead of just a single number.

PROACTIVE DATA MONITORING - We provide network monitoring of your voice & data circuits. As soon as one is down, we are alerted and working the problem to give you the quickest response and maximum uptime.

OUR VALUE ADD - Your contract is still with the carrier so you can always contact them directly, however, part of the value we bring is that we'll handle that for you. Regardless of whether it's with one carrier or multiple, our account managers are there for you.