Xarios Call Recording

Xarios Call Recording Solutions

Xarios Call Recording solutions scale effectively across a broad range of requirements, whether the requirement is for a small workgroup or small business scaling up to specialist contact centers across multiple sites.

Quality Control

Reviewing customer experience and improving employee performance is key to growth and customer retention.

Our workflow feature automates the search and filtering of recordings and can randomize the sample to ensure an even spread of calls are monitored. With the addition of 'Phrase Packs' using the optional Advanced Speech Analytics, what is said during the call can be used to search for specific calls to review, which gives a vast improvement over random sampling.

Fact Verification

Take the heat out of misunderstandings by reviewing exactly what was communicated to your customers.

When things don't go to plan, the worst position to be in is not knowing what actually happened. With its easy to use interface and CRM integration technology, the call recorder can be used to identify all communication with a specific client in seconds. Once in command of the correct information, disputes can be resolved in a much shorter time, which benefits both the customer and your own efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations surrounding certain industries mean that calls must be recorded in order for the organization to be legally compliant.

Xarios recording solutions provide features such as access control, auditing, digital signatures and data encryption that equip your business with the tools to comply with all applicable regulations including PCI & FSA. In addition it is also possible to use stop / start technology to ensure specific pieces of sensitive information are not recorded. When complying with PCI-DSS this gives you the peace of mind that payment card details cannot be searched for or mined.


Sensitive and private information stored in recordings gives security paramount importance.

In addition to user access control through the recorder interface, all recordings can be digitally signed and encrypted using AES-256 to ensure no one can tamper with or alter the data. With user and data security rules, comprehensive audit trails, and integrated encryption; the system provides you with the confidence that vital information is both secure and managed in an effective, compliant manner to satisfy customer data protection regulations.

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